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About Danit

Supplying top quality coffee to your coffee shop, office and hotel from micro farmers from around the world... specialty coffee shouldn’t be expensive it should be affordable and for everyone.

At Danit you don’t get coffee from big corporations but instead from high quality small micro lots, farms and their cooperatives these incredible farmers mastered the art of rare coffee beans and processing them together for generations, they deserve the maximum of attention and revenue. “Specialty coffee from micro farmers around the world”

Brewed with love

Hand brewed coffee is not just a choice, it’s a lifestyle!

Bag of fresh specialty powder coffee

Providing various origins natural/or organic such as award winning micro farms from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Honduras and more...

Hand brew

Top notch specialty coffees from finest micro farms and micro lots roasted here by our experts locally.

Capsuled coffee for capsule coffee makers

Featured coffees

Coffee benefits

From bulk coffee orders to cafe consultation and equipment servicing and beyond to Hyper markets, shops, coffee shops and home use, we’ve got you covered. Kindly don’t hesitate to request a sample pack ...

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